"When I first signed up to the CV1 Masterclass I was a little apprehensive at the style of the CV it was asking me to produce, that was until I created one the way it said and then compared it to my old one WOW, what a difference. It was like I was talking about two different people. The proof was in the pudding as I applied for a job, landed an interview the next day and got the job offered to me on the same day. I am now earning £29000 a year as a Network Engineer all at the age of 20, with excellent prospects for the future. I don't need to tell you to use this Masterclass, I think the end result speaks for itself.

I remember you saying to me that I have made your day when I phoned you to tell you, well I remember telling you that you have made my career for which I cant thank you enough.

So when I'm going for those higher position jobs ( more money!) if your still around I suppose I will be purchasing another CV package!

Thanks once again for all the effort and thought you put into you work as it really does makes a difference to people in immeasurable ways."