"Hi Steve. Just a short thank you note to say your 'do it yourself' approach to re-writing ones own c.v. was great. A very different and unique approach to the process, it was very impressive and really made me put a lot of thought into what I actually needed to do, and achieve.

It has really been an eye opener for me, I used to be so proud of my old antiquated c.v. but could never realise why recruiters did not see what I saw. Had such a nice experience rediscovering my past working history and achievements. Once again thank you for your thoughts and input."

THIS CLIENT USED CV SAGE (no longer available) FOR MOST OF THE REDISCOVERY WORK AND THEN CV MENTOR FOR A FINAL TWEAKING BY STEVE, a highly cost-effective way of achieving a dramatic improvement for yourself. You get a brilliant CV and you know why it works.