"... in the process of looking for a new position & wishing to improve my job hunting process, I had the good fortune to come across your website. The sentiments you expressed relative to the unprofessional practices carried out by CV service providers & career consultants struck a chord with me.

I had seen a senior role advertised on a jobsite and wanted to improve my chances of getting an interview. So last week, I enrolled on/subscribed to all three of your Masterclass modules - all of which are insightfully brilliant!

Last weekend I undertook your tutelage / followed your advice and scrapped my existing approach. On Saturday & Sunday, I totally reconstructed my CV & covering letter. My new CV & covering letter finished despite a last minute rush, bore no resemblance to their predecessors and at a quarter to one Monday morning, I emailed my application to a highly professional & reputable international recruitment consultant organisation.

What follows is true : A first for me after all the frustration I experienced in my 15 month jobsearch - I received a call from the consultants 14 hours later at 3:00pm Monday afternoon following which an interview has now been arranged !! Never before had I obtained a positive result so quickly ! Needless to say that I'm now studying the interview preparation module hard !!

The real purpose of this communication however, is to convey a humble thank you. What you have provided at a meagre cost in your CV Masterclass, is an undoubted reflection of the love that you have for your fellow man.

I don't know you, nor have met you, but some how you are no stranger ! I pray that I can follow in your footsteps in some similar way to help others.

God bless you.

With very best regards & heartfelt gratitude."