"In my opinion a good CV is fundamental to successful career management. Steve Holmes worked with me to analyse my then existing document and development something which was far far more than a historical breakdown of my professional life.

Using Steve's experience, as well as his obvious talent as a clear communicator and writer I was able to focus in on the core parts of my experience that presented me in the most positive light, parts which over time had become lost and even forgotten.

The benefits of this have been far more than I imagined. For a start the process Steve went through to understand who I am, what I've done and most importantly, what I want to do going forward was tremendously rewarding. Steve provided a supportive environment to question, critique and dig out my successes and real strengths.

I was very impressed with how Steve managed to gauge my personality, my values and motivations and translate these into powerful English. Together with the cover level they have given me immense confidence in how I am presenting / positioning myself to the world.

Firstly I sent the new CV to a large number of the traditional agencies, headhunters, recruitment 'specialists.' Normally I would receive perhaps a 10% response the majority of which by email. With the new CV Steve prepared for me this has approached 40% with half of these being telephone calls. Of the emails, the majority are from real people, not a machine or a administrator but in theory a human being!

Here's another bit of feedback. My old CV and previous versions had been on Monster for years. Not once had I been contacted about it. Yesterday I got somebody from Harvey Nash contacting me through Monster. This is a first!

Steve's service is first class and after I engaged him I found out more about who he is, what he does and how good he is. All of this feedback was very positive, I am pleased to add to it."