CV Mentor

Requiring urgent help? Please contact Phillip K. Panni
CV Mentor

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The CV Mentor service has been designed as a COST EFFECTIVE way for you to create a brilliant new CV with input from an expert. NOTE: It is NOT a complete CV rewrite; for that service please go to Full CV Writing.

    What you get:

    After sending your CV / cover letter for evaluation ...

  1. 20 - 30 minutes on the phone with Phillip K. Panni before you begin the writing process. This should point towards a unique CV matching your situation and far better than you could ever obtain using a typing agency.

  2. FREE access to ALL our online courses designed especially to show you how in detail (combined in the 'Complete Career Change Package').

  3. After the reconstruction work, a second discussion with Phillip to appraise your achievement, suggest any further improvements and generally ensure that you are totally confident in your new CV / cover letter. A few minutes by Phillip of minor formatting and final writing the odd troublesome phrase or sentence can be included if you chose this service, plus....

  4. You cannot go wrong - if the writing proves too challenging at any point Phillip can step in to assist you on a pay by hour basis (though very few people need this extra help).

The CV Mentor Service is £150.00
NOTE: Please contact Phillip K. Panni to check availability before ordering.

After payment you will return to and details of what to do next. Pay by Credit/Debit CardSecure Payments with PayPal