Poor CV example 2

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cv examples page
cv examples page

Poor CV example 2 : The Table Template CV
Following some restrictive template strategy

Recruiters see thousands of almost identical template CVs with headings that make you squirm and the text shoe-horned into a tight space, totally failing to capture the candidate's individuality.

This type of CV tells people that you are lazy and that you think appearance is more important than substance. It is also trouble for recruiters to edit and manipulate for sending to employers.

Example Poor CV - Page 1:

 example layout only

Example Poor CV - Page 2:

 example layout only

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cv examples page
The fifth example in The CV Masterclass online course is the conceptual and design process we want to share with you. It shows you a career that has been mangled in these four mediocre versions given a whole new purpose by some very subtle layers of information architecture, clearly set out to inspire your own creativity.
cv examples page
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