Examples of how NOT to write a CV

What does an excellent CV look like ???

Simply copying someone else's format or example and filling in the blanks DOES NOT WORK unless you understand some fundamental differences between a good CV and a bad one.

What sort of CV do you have at the moment? If it isn't getting the results you want, it may be one of the following 'excuses for a CV'.

Click any of these four links to
see examples of a weak CV:

cv examples page

1. The Traditional CV
- outdated and no doubt out of luck!

2. The Table Template CV
- making you look like a lazy robot!

3. The Aggressive Modernisation CV
- alienating the reader with mindless bullet points

4. The Functional Overkill CV
- seemingly professional but actually humdrum...

Bad CV strategies are bound to fail - click the examples above for more detail. They all show a different, weak approach to the same candidate's CV.

The CV Masterclass Course shows the same CV in a form that works.

Don't knock out a weak CV that gets you nowhere!
Spend a bit of time getting it right - you are dealing with your future happiness.