Advanced Interview Preparation

The CV Masterclass Many good people are blocked in their careers because they can't quite get it right in the cauldron of the interview, an increasingly sophisticated and sometimes harrowing process for anyone, no matter how good.

We have a short course full of tips and tricks, exercises and insider information.

It is not the usual rubbish about eye contact and body language, but an advanced, detailed and original methodology for coming to grips with one of the worst situations one can face in life, including the intellectual basis on which to turn those challenging questions to your own advantage...

Course Overview:
Access Instant online access via secure password
Access Period 1 Month
Course Fee £10.97
Additional Information:
  • Takes about 3 hours in total to complete but can be tackled over several days.
  • Includes printable worksheet to refine your thinking and awareness.
Accessing the Advanced Interview Preparation course:

This course is also available as part of The Complete Career Change Package.

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Conditions of purchase
You are buying a single license to an online instruction tool and a set of examples that you may print and retain for your own use. Access will be by a secure password protection system and will expire after One Month. No warranty is implied in the conditions of sale. This is an informational product whose effectiveness will ultimately depend on the ability of the user to understand its principles and apply them to his or her personal situation. Once purchased, no refund is possible, but the cost of CV freedom is as little as a few drinks at the pub!!!