The CV Masterclass

The first time is the worst time

The hardest CV you'll ever have to write is the one that kick starts your career.

There is absolutely no point in taking naff advice from recruitment websites and careers offices because they will just talk to you about CV styles that are completely inappropriate to your situation - stale, recycled advice that is barely relevant to people in their forties, let alone the mighty challenge of differentiating yourself from tens of thousands of other young people who also have "great communication and customer care skills that they got at the supermarket checkout...."

Sound familiar? You were going to talk about teamwork? You were going to include your Profile and some Objectives. Forget it! Everyone does that and they all read just the same. And anyone who has to read them all day long just sneers at the embarrassing rubbish that graduates write.

CV1 needs to be unique

Unique concept. Unique information. Unique structure; Unique selling points. Uniquely you, with your character showing through and justifying your career choice while it points out your value and potential and shows them that you are more mature, enthusiastic and informed than all those turkeys who pump out the same CV full of clichés.

We have thought about this problem in depth over 15 years and developed a methodology that no one else in the entire world has brought together in one place.

The CV1 course is about concepts. It is not a copy-cat template so by following it you will not generate the same CV as everyone else. You will create a creative, characterful, professional, convincing and effective CV because you will be aware of the impact of what you are saying and be clear about the right way to get your value across.

That's the package. Cover letters and forms are included in the course and we also take you through holding your own at interview (not with junk about body language and wearing the right clothes but with reasoned insight into how to be the person they are wanting to choose).

This is a comprehensive yet low cost solution that will give you a huge advantage over all the people who are too mean to try it or too conventional to realise that free advice from hacks is bound to be useless. CV1 shows you how and we charge for it. Welcome to the real world. Welcome to your new career.

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