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Section 1 - Thinking about stuff properly
  • 1a:   Your Process of Decision-making  
    • Are You Shaping a Career or Just Stumbling Around?
    • Bad Advice and Big Ideas
    • Finding Your Inner Goals and Resources
  • 1b:   Convincing Career Choices  
    • The Real You & Career Choice
    • Clarify and Understand your Targets
    • Influencing Employers and Recruiters
  • 1c:   Is Your CV the Business?  
    • Avoiding the Worst Mistakes
    • Assembling the Best Information
    • Themes and Scripts to Plant in Your CV
Section 2 - The heart of the application process
  • 2a:   Finalising your CV  
    • Lively Writing (1)
    • Perfect Positioning
    • Information Architecture
  • 2b:   Good Letter Writing  
    • Basic Style Tips
    • Letter Planning
    • Lively Writing (2)
  • 2c:   The Challenge of Application Forms, Tests and Trick Questions  
    • They're getting to know you
    • Question and Issue Management
    • Trick Questions
Section 3 - Action and knowledge
  • Jobseeker's strategy
  • The interview experience
  • Optimising your first job
1 whole month's access to CV1 for only £24.97
» Sign-up for Immediate Access
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