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The CV Masterclass You may have seen our demos; this is the actual course, a full sized Pay to View product that will transform your understanding. In it see all the four bad CVs with reasons why they do not work, plus the good CV, also with detailed explanation, designed to show you the very best that is possible anywhere.

This totally unique product is the creation of Steve Holmes, for five years the resident CV Expert at and a contributor to many other websites and books on the subject. He also advises on CV writing and undertakes two to three projects for clients each month. He says:
"I am sick to death of seeing decent people being ripped off by incompetent so-called CV writing professionals, most of whom are unemployed HR people and students being paid less than £40 to duplicate identikit work for clients to whom the agencies charge fees of £200 or more. This is a scandal and here at CV Masterclass we aim to redress the balance… Our philosophy is power to the people, so we are sharing our ideas and expertise for a reasonable sum so that everyone can understand what makes a good CV for once and for all…"
The CV Masterclass course is exactly what it claims – an analysis of five different ways of writing a CV or Resume for the same candidate. For each example, you run your mouse over the text to read expert comment about what works and what spoils that particular style of CV.
  • You will read why something does or does not work, section by section, line by line across all 5 examples – over 80 sections of comment in all.
  • More importantly, you will learn to overcome all the bad advice about the supposed difference between chronological, functional and results-based CVs, learning to combine the best of all approaches in one coherent document of the right length.
  • Exclusions: CV Masterclass does not deal with long-winded academic applications where there may be lots of research papers and conference speeches to include, but for all other candidate types, sectors, stages and age-groups it covers enough territory to really make you think.
  • You will be introduced to the wonderful world of messaging as a subtle alternative to brash statements, creating ideas in the mind of the reader - ready for interview.
  • Best of all, in our final example, the really powerful CV, you will see a career that has been mangled in the four mediocre versions given a whole new purpose by some very subtle layers of information architecture, clearly set out to inspire your own creativity.
  • Everything applies equally to a good Resume and differences of US convention are indicated. Steve Holmes writes applications for professionals all over the world and has been the CV writer of choice for high level career change for more than a decade.
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You are buying a single license to an online instruction tool and a set of examples that you may print and retain for your own use. Access will be by a secure password protection system and will expire after One Month. No warranty is implied in the conditions of sale. This is an informational product whose effectiveness will ultimately depend on the ability of the user to understand its principles and apply them to his or her personal situation. Once purchased, no refund is possible, but the cost of CV freedom is as little as a few drinks at the pub!!!